How To Record Your Virtual Anthem Video

Follow ALL instructions on the playback video...including the CLAP!

DON'T WORRY ABOUT HOW YOU SOUND!  I promise, no one will be embarrassed or too loud!

How to shoot your video: 


You will need:

Something to playback (computer, tablet, or phone) AND 

Something to record (computer, tablet, or phone).



 1 - For best quality use a phone that is propped against something to record. Don’t use the side where you can see the screen to record. 

 2 - Its WAY easier to use two sources to record and to playback than one.

 3 - If you use a computer you may be able to use the same device to playback and record. (Quicktime for mac and Camera for PC)


 4 - Follow all CUES. You will hear a voice throughout the video giving commands.

 5 - Pay attention to your lighting. you want more light in front of you than behind you. You might want to face a window for natural light.

 6 - The more the merrier on this! I can do 100 people if we want. It will just take a minute to render that file. lol!!! 

Once you’re ready to go, hit record on your recording device first, then hit play on the playback device. When prompted, clap your hands loudly! This allows our me to get everyone’s video in sync! Then. . . SING!

Here is an example
of what your recording
setup should look like. 
This way we will get a 
clean sound of your

One last thing...we all need to sing melody the first BRIDGE. We will break into harmonies starting at the CHORUS. HAVE FUN!


Once you have finished, save your video if you’re using a computer, click the Google Drive link and then text me so i can know to give you access.

If sending from PHONE - Click Photos - Find the video - Pause it. Look at box with arrow bottom left. Click it. Click Mail. Let it prepare. Send using Mail Dropstephencrbc@gmail.com

If sending from COMPUTER - use Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1hyreUle3I_PffAgqm2qlPt1bgW2JHoze