Next Steps


We should always be moving, changing, pursuing to become more like Jesus. We realize that this takes more than just a great service on Sunday. At Crossroad, we are committed to helping every person take daily steps in their spiritual journey. No matter where you are...START THERE!!!

​All "NEXT STEPS" events are held on a quarterly basis throughout the year.



              "MEMBERSHIP 101" (Lunch with church staff)




This is an opportunity to meet the staff and their families, and hear the story of Crossroad. This  gathering happens immediately following the 10:30 AM worship service. Hear Pastor Allen share the mission and vision for all that we do at CRBC. We will share our beliefs, church structure, and philosophy of ministry. Everyone here will have an opportunity to join the church. You may sign up for this lunch at the Welcome Center in the lobby.







                  "DISCIPLINES 201" (Life principles for every believer)



This is a one day training session that happens every 3 months.  "201" is  for all Christians wanting to learn or sharpen the SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES of our faith. So often, we leave on Sunday with every effort to put into practice what was taught or preached, but find ourself struggling to move past the same strongholds of our everyday life. The key to breakthrough is living a spiritually disciplined life. This training will equip you with the tools to prioritize your life in a way that glorifies God above all things. It is designed to help and encourage all Christians, no matter where you are in the journey. You may sign up for this training class at the Welcome Center in the lobby.







                  "DISCOVERY 301" (Spiritual Gifts/Personality Test)



This is a evening session that can change your life! Discover the giftings that God has placed inside of you as a believer. These "tests" will help guide you to areas of service within the body of Christ. Not only will your learn about your spiritual gifts, and how to use them on a daily basis, but we also will help link your gifts to specific ministries within Crossroad where you can serve. We all want to find our place,our "nitch"...this step will help lead you there. You may sign up for this training class at the Welcome Center in the lobby.






              "MINISTRY 401" (Actively participate in a ministry team)



God designed us to exist within His church as participants, not as spectators. Our goal at Crossroad is to see every member become a minister. We operate in excellence when the Body of Christ is working together. "401" is when we take a step and put our unique passions and  gifts to work on a ministry team. During this     session, you will be able to see and hear about how certain ministries operate on a weekly basis at CRBC. At this event, you will have the opportunity to join a ministry team.  You may sign up for this training class at the Welcome Center in the lobby.