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Little Lambs Ministry is . . .

 . . . Christ centered care and teaching where babies through kindergarteners can grow, learn, and play while parents serve, worship, and grow their relationship with Christ. 

Safety is a Priorty

We are staffed with a group of trained volunteers and have implemented Health & Safety Protocols for your child's protection. 

We use the KidCheck secure check-in system. This system allows us to properly inform our workers of all the important information about your child, it also offers a secure way for us to notify you during service that you are needed.


We believe when you feel secure about the care of your child, you can freely

worship and learn.

A place for Everyone


We have one nursery and two toddler classes available that offer child care. Our rooms promote based on development creating an enviroment conducive to learning and social growth that best suits the stage the child is in. Because we promote based on development our rooms names are not associated with an age. 

Nursery: 6 weeks old & up (confident walker)

Ducklings:: confident walker/15months & up

Indians: Potty training or potty trained - K4


Our Little Lambs Preschool class is lead by veteran preschool teachers, Tommy & Karen Tucker, they provide a structured interactive Bible Lesson and activities, that is designed to help direct preschoolers to understand the meaning of sin and the need for Jesus. The class also offers down time, and an opportunity to play, we want church to be a place our preschooler look forward too. 

Little Lambs: K4-K5, children must be potty trained and enrolled in a preschool

program where they attend four days a

week, to attend this class.

Contact Us

For more information you can email our Preschool Director, Stephanie Drew here:

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